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Wine Technology

Oner offers the most suitable solutions for wine technologies.

Increasing productivity in wine production has a very important place. Its main objective is to maintain the quality of wine from the final product (wine) grape collection. Carefully selected grapes should be passed through the separator system carefully. With a great deal of expertise in supporting professional winemakers.

Öner Separator offers technologies at different stages of delicate processes such as squeezing and cleaning. The quality of the wine depends on the grape species, the area they are grown, the climatic conditions, the productivity and ripening of the grapes. The wine cleaning separator plays an important role in the wine production process.

Necessary separations should be carried out to reveal the pleasant odor and health aspects of wine, which is the most important determinant of the market value and quality of the wine. Therefore, effective netting systems are needed for the rapid treatment of high amounts of wine, even during peak season. Wine making features (clarity, grace, vitality, smell, nobility, pleasant smell, etc.) are essential for wine factories.

As a result, we can serve as an unbiased consultant in selecting the most appropriate technology for your process.

Clean Wine 450



  • CLEAN WINE 450 serial has automatic drainage system. The dangerous accumulative organisms (mud) are thrown away with the help of movable pulley in operator board which is in automation unit of automatic drainage system in wanted time period. The movable pulley performs its movement through the operation water by controlling solenoid valves with signals send from PLC.
  • CLEAN WINE 450 pulley material is made of special stainless steel Duplex (DIN 1.4462) by using last technology. This material is produced as having a high endurance, corrosion and mechanic durability by subjecting it to special calorific process to take tensile.
  • CLEAN WINE 450 serial can directly transfer the power without lining to the shaft with its sprocket system thanks to the last technology invertor (speed control) unit. In this way, the machine works extremely silent.
  • As the machines have got soft input system, it works with drainage system in high performance without deforming the oil globules.
  • The output of milk and cream has got centripetal pump, so there is no need an extra pump for compressed output.
  • The connectors of the machine are proper to ISO NORM.
  • All the equipments which contact with the product and the panel on which PLC control unit is mounted is made of stainless 304-316 steel, and have a designment which provides sound isolation.
  • In the control unit, there is touch panel that electric current, pulley turning speed, drainage time period, the time remained for drainage can be seen.
  • All the equipments are made of stainless steel, mounted on the platform.
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