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The SDS series centrifugal decanter represents..

The SDS series centrifugal decanter represents the final evolutionary step of the decanter range. It offers very high capacity and excellent efficiency with its state-of-the-art 2-phase and 3-phase operations. Separates finely dispersed solid particles from suspension with high centrifugal force

SDS Series Centrifuge

Decanter Section Views


  • All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
  • Highest yield to date in the market
  • Very low water and energy consumption
  • Setting the feed point;Depending on the type, quality and conditions of the olives to be processed, it is possible to prolong the thickening of liquids (water - oil) or the shell inside the container.
  • Floor insulation with anti-vibration supports.

SDS series centrifugal extractors are a practical indicator of the total efficiency applied to olive oil extraction with avant-garde technology, extremely high capacity and excellent yields for two-phase and three-phase operation.

a-) 2-phase continuous system

2-Phase continuous system, to obtain a more intense and aromatic product, as well as preserving the oil for a long time in perfect condition and oil extraction from the dough ‘phase separation’ method allows the extraction of oil. Therefore, it enhances all the organoleptic properties of the oil, combines the advantages of traditional extraction with olive press (eliminating all the defects) with the advantages of the centrifugal extraction plant, extracts the oil as it is contained in the olive, and contributes greatly to energy saving by reducing the heat requirement by 70%. The products entering the decanter come out as oil and blackwater pomace and the main advantage of the system is that it has the principle of waterless operation. Since the process water is not used in 2-phase continuous systems, the blackwater formed in the system remains in the pomace and blackwater does not form as waste. Energy saving due to minimization of water usage and eliminating the need for water heating.

b-) 3-phase continuous system

3-Phase continuous system is a centrifuge in which two liquids of different densities are separated from each other. At the same time, solids are separated and evacuated. In 3-phase continuous centrifugation system; a large amount of water is used and consequently a high amount of wastewater is produced as black water, high energy is needed.

Centrifuge Decanter

Modern Decanter

Advantages of modern Decanter

  • Compact designs
  • Sealed construction to control emissions and avoid contamination of the product
  • Ease of operation with continuous or automatic control systems
  • The decanter has ergonomics structure
  • Easier service maintenance
  • Insulation from the ground by anti-vibration supports
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